Virtual floor markings

with line lasers from MediaLas

TopFloor floor lasers are specially developed laser beamers for the projection of virtual, abrasion-resistant line markings on industrial floors, in warehouses or other buildings.

Depending on the installation and structure, TopFloor lasers are specified in laser class 1 or 2 and are therefore harmless to the eye and skin.

The laser unit is mounted overhead on a hall ceiling or wall and draws a clearly visible, wide line of light onto the floor. A TopFloor Laser thus marks walkways, driveways, stop lines or danger areas safely, abrasion-proof and permanently, even in very dusty and dirty environments. Different colors can be used to mark any type of area. Hazardous areas are simply shown in red, while footpaths or driveways are shown in green.

Application areas of the TopFloor line laser from MediaLas

  • Marking of entry bays
  • Parking place marking
  • Marking of footpaths and driveways
  • Prominent representation of escape routes
  • Display of pallet locations
  • Marking of safety areas

More details

Technical details of the line laser for virtual markings

There are a lot of technical details to learn about the TopFloor line lasers. Tables and lists should help you to understand the laser system. Of course you can contact us at any time if you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you.

Technical details

Colours 2 possible colours
Line length approx. 1 m up to 30 m, depending on installation
Line width approx. 2 - 6 cm after 5 m distance, can be changed according to customer requirements
Power supply 110 - 230 VAC via plug-in power supply
Lifetime approx. 20000 h

Safety in handling line lasers for floor marking

Surely you have many questions about the application of a line laser. We have put together numerous questions and answers for you. Question not found? You are welcome to contact us.

More about security

Frequently asked questions about floor markings with line lasers

Surely you have many questions about the application of a line laser as floor marking. We have put together numerous questions and answers for you. If your question should not be included, please contact us!

Is the length of the laser line adjustable?

In the factory yes, on site no. The line length is determined by the optics used, which are installed and aligned in the factory. Unfortunately this is hardly possible on site.

Who is responsible for the installation?

As a manufacturer of laser devices, we do not carry out industrial installations, nor do we have the necessary personnel for this. The installation of our TopFloor laser units is kept extremely simple: Screw on, plug in, align, finished. If you still need an installation, we offer this service through partner companies

Do I need a laser removal?

If installed correctly (sufficient height), a classification in risk class 2 or less is made. Laser equipment of this laser class requires neither acceptance nor a laser safety officer for operation.

About us

The MediaLas Laser Manufaktur is located in one of the most scenic regions of Baden Württemberg, namely in Balingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb. As a very experienced manufacturer for all kinds of laser visualisation, moving as well as static, an ever growing area of industry relies on our laser devices.

One of our hobby-horses is world sports, for which we have already contributed several award-winning innovations. For example, we support international ski jumpers with a specially developed ski jump laser, which draws the "best-to-beat" line as a laser line in the snow. Anyone who watches ski jumping has certainly already seen it.

For some time now, we have been working on abrasion-resistant light markings for hall floors and have developed the TopFloor Laser Line in close cooperation with our customers. The production takes place in Germany in our own workshops, so that we can also implement special requests or projects quickly and easily.

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